Exhibition of children’s architectural projects in the museum Azgura

Total action of the second quarter of academic year. 32 works with the drawings, drawings, models and stories in detail explain the device of each building. “The floating house”, “The flying house”, “The house hotel for me and cats” or “Just the house!” – each child offers the unique vision of the dwelling, convincingly upholds the peace the detailed project.
Photo: Greek Schindler


Film screening “4 elements”

Total action of the third quarter of academic year.
Photo: Valeria Andreasian


Presentation of projects of pupils of School

Total action of the last quarter of academic year. 33 books executed by pupils of School of Architectural Thinking from 5 to 11 years with the difficult graphic narration: pop-ap, comic book, photo, illustration, collage and even development of an interior. We have presented the book as a separate multidisciplinary art form.
Photo: Valeria Andreasian

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