If you are a student of the School, you:
- come to class on time
- behave
- clean your workplace

do your best
- take your project seriously
- work hard
- be exclusively responsible for your project

treat tutors with respect
- listen carefully
- silent during tutor presentation

treat mates with respect
- do not interrupt others ("one microphone rule")
- do not interfere in others work
- help your mates if they need help
If you are a tutor of the School, you:
- in simple words, you reveal to students the essence of your field
- can both compliment and make a remark on students work
- help the students in their work
- respect students and their opinions
General rules of the School:
- only school tutors are allowed in the classroom: the presence of unauthorized persons, parents is not allowed
- parents can attend the last 15 minutes of the class, without breaking discipline and without interfering with the educational process
- only motivated children attend the Architectural Thinking School
Why do we need these rules?
- for everyone to enjoy the class
- so that students make great projects
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