Apartment House of the Future

What future awaits Minsk? What will be our lifestyle in 50 years? How will architecture change as a result? These and many other questions are answered by the student projects in this chapter.
To create projects for the apartment house of the future, children studied the structure of the city, transport, and architecture; they studied large-scale housing construction in Belarus; they used polling data to learn about the lifestyles of people today, and they carried out their own sociological research to identify how people may live in 50 years' time. As a result, each child developed their own scenario for the future and designed an apartment building to match. Who knows, maybe some of these scenarios will actually come true in the near future!
The projects were created as part of the CITY RESEARCH course at the Architectural Thinking School, whose final project was the interactive map that can be found at www.minskeye.com
Green House — Green Town Kirill Klebanov, 11 years old
I imagine my project as a big green house. I also want people in the future to have lots of space and light, and also I think people will need to spend time outside and in parks. My building is cylindrico-expansive (roundshaped, because in big cities there are too many square buildings. Green House isn't a panel/deconstructive building.) And this building fi ts beautifully into the urban spaces of Minsk or other green cities. The world needs sustainability, and my building meets all the standards. Green Town is supplied with green energy: ultra-solar batteries generate 10 times more power than regular ones. There are also 16 blocks on one fl oor, that is, 64 apartments and 28,608 people.
Snail Mobile Eco House Sofi a Prudnikova, 10 years old
Welcome to the Snail eco house! Not much will have changed in Minsk in 50 years, but the city will be bigger and they'll have cut down a lot of trees nearby to build houses. That's why I developed the Snail eco house, which won't spoil the environment — it'll actually restore it. WHO IS THE SNAIL FOR? People who care about the environment. And their animals, of course :) They move around the city on electric bikes or regular bikes, they collect energy during the day, and then they park them in a special parking place on fl oor 0 and supply the energy to the house. WHAT KIND OF HOUSE IS IT? The Snail is a high-tech 10-floor house that moves on a special hovercraft. It's made from organic materials and it's got solar panels fitted for hea ting and electricity. BENEFITING THE ENVIRONMENT The house itself moves to places where nature needs restoring. The Snail plows the soil and sows the seeds of plants and trees. To do that it has a floor where there's soil, seeds, fertilizer, and a special sowing system. The plumbing is designed so that everything's recycled into fertilizer and mixed with soil for the seeds, so plants sown by the Snail grow fast!
Sharon Stone Lyubov Kobrina, 10 years old
This house looks almost like a pile of rocks. It's oval and big. I wanted to make it that way because I like to throw pebbles into the water. My house embodies power and strength. “Sharon Stone” resembles the world around us. I decided that when I saw the anthill, and that was the beginning of my inspiration. It is located in Minsk, and trees grow near the house. You can see it if you're walking next to it. It's made of concrete and glass. The fi rst fl oor has a hall, and all the other fl oors are the same. It's got 13 fl oors. Inside it smells like nature, you can hear the quiet rustling of the leaves in the trees. The building is quite warm, but you feel a chill in your soul. The light resembles the rays of the sun that warm your soul. The color is like a dying fi re that gives life to the trees growing on the building. The house has a pretty weird shape. The house must be built, because everyone who comes into this house will get the feeling of having a strong and cozy roof over their head.
Module House Valery Volodko, 11 years old
My house was thought up for an apocalyptic scenario in the future when there will be problems either with overpopulation or with fl oods or with everything at once. My building looks like a framework with cylindrical modules hanging off it. The building is also designed for the end of the world. It differs from today's houses due to its compactness. The building is made of titanium and has power lines attached to it. It will be put up on water (there will be a pole coming up from the bottom). Anyone and everyone will live in it. It's very easy to buy an apartment in this building. All the modules are very compact. They contain everything you need. The modules descend under the water in the event of a hurricane or an earthquake. And if there isn't any water (right there) then the modules cling very tightly to the framework. That means people will stay safe. The house has 10 modules. Each one has space for up to 5 people. What I don't like in Minsk is that there are lots of buildings built on the same plan, and that makes Minsk uniform and the same as other cities.
Drop of Water Rostislav Leonov, 10 years old
My house resembles a drop of water. The special feature of it is that the drop in the center is actually a water tower. It's actually also a source of energy and warmth. People from the middle class can afford it. The house will be out of town. The house will have 13 fl oors and 111 apartments. The house will be beautiful to look at, if they make a whole district.
House of the Seasons Veronika Sobol, 11 years old
My building is unusual, magical, ideal, beautiful, spacious, interesting, large, and modern. It's got the seasons on the balconies. I think a lot of people will like a building like this. The shape of my building is rectangular, it's not tall, but it's very spacious and it fl ies. The shape of this building is superb! The building is distinguished by its balconies and by the fact it can fl y. On each balcony it's winter or summer, spring or fall. The Minsk of the year 2067 will need buildings like this, because you can choose whichever time of year you like best and hang out in it. You can also go into the building and fl y, and see what's happening in the sky at that moment. There's lots of glass in the building so it looks spacious and you can always see everything. On the other side of the building it's got windows too, but also cosmic purple concrete. There's lots of ecology on the balconies: trees, leaves, grass. My building will be built on the ground, but it can also fl y anywhere you want. People will live in it. Special feature: the house can fl y, and it's got seasons on all the balconies. My building has two fl oors and four balconies. If anybody doesn't like some time of year, they can easily get rid of it. My building will be AMAZING!!!
City of Parks Evgeny Muravsky, 7 years old
What I don't like about apartment blocks today is the way everyone's always getting in each other's way. For example, people draw in the staircases and spoil them. My house is glass, comfortable, strong, and big. It has a lot of nature in it, and it can fl y using motor wings. It's a smart palace, actually. The people who live there will be strong and cool. My house is made of glass and crystals. My house is made so you can breathe. There's a lot of parks so there's fresh air. You can stroll in them and enjoy yourself. There's a park of horrors on the fi fth fl oor so you can go there and have a laugh when you're feeling sad. I will build this house in a park. And the people who'll live in it will all have the same surname. It will have 1,020 apartments in it. And there will always be loads of sweets in them. The house is too strong. It won't look like anything you've ever seen before.
ECO HF (“The Eco-Friendly House of the Future”) Karolina Savchenko, 12 years old
It's the year 2068. Many big cities have environmental problems, and 48 percent of urban residents have abandoned cities. 99.98% of the population now owns cars. Many people in big cities dream of owning a little garden. Overpopulation. This house is suitable for accommodating a large number of people, and it solves all the problems. It takes up little space, and it accommodates a lot of residents. It's eco-friendly. It consists of “biopes” that are fi xed in place. The house resembles a fan plant. There will be a garden on the roof of each “biope” (where the size will depend on the fl oor). The plant house will have large windows that will resemble waves. It is designed for big cities. The house is made of concrete plastics. (The material has similar strength characteristics to concrete, but it is as light as plastic). “ECO HF” is convenient because it can have an infi nite number of fl oors. All pipes and wires are run through a core. (There is also an elevator). The core itself is made of concrete. Families can live on the lower fl oors (since there are large apartments there), but on the upper fl oors the apartments are sized for individuals. Life there will be very comfortable because of the radiator fresheners. Everything is regulated for the comfort of each individual. Many residents of big cities want to have a garden, and this house allows everyone to have their own garden. Plants grow on the roof. This house will stand for a very long time, and it will prevent the Earth from becoming polluted!
Aquaramid Roman Peregud, 9 years old
The house is very large and looks like a pyramid. It is under water. The house is so shaped because I wanted it to be. It is located in Minsk, on Zaparožskaja street, in the place of building no. 42. It is not far from the Minsk Arena, and it is just 3 km from here. The house is made of armored glass, and it has 35 fl oors and 3,500 really cool rooms. It harnesses energy from the sea, earth, and surface waters. It is where all the Marvel heroes live. The atmosphere in the house is cool, and it smells of sausage. In some rooms you can hear the sounds of a pterodactyl, and in others it is 15 degrees Celsius. An atmosphere of mystery dominates the house. That's because there are 1,300 secret passages. It is full of new food so that tourists can live there. The house will last 3,500 years because it can withstand 5 billion gigapascals of pressure.
Ecobubble Dominika Zanko, 11 years old
I believe that in 2068 the world will be one of two types. The first scenario will be an eco-friendly environment: The people here care about nature. They work, do science, and study new technologies. The people are friendly, cheerful, and hardworking. The second scenario, I believe, will be only for the rich. They will create their own robots, and robots will work for them. People will get fat from idleness. The world will become polluted. People will live in flying capsules, and all of the waste will be buried in the ground. I decided to live in the first type of world. I decided to call my apartment building “Ecobubble.” The building is large and contains many apartments. It is rectangular and crookedly shaped. It has an unusual shape because I like unusual shapes. When I look at my apartment building, I imagine a starry sky with flying bubbles (blue). There are a lot of different statues and a lot of snow next to it. When night falls, the window backlights turn on and the windows (which look like stars) that are made of blue and yellow glass will illuminate the snow cover or the ground. The interior of the walls are also illuminated. Therefore, every day it glows in different colors. The atmosphere can be changed every day, because the audio system can be used to activate different sounds: Some times you will hear the sounds of people yelling, and at other times there is a classical music. An elevator is operated in the middle of the house. You can reach it by walking down a long hallway. The apartment building has six floors, 30 apartments, and rooms of different sizes. I think that we could build many of them in Minsk, so that people would find them conveniently located.
House for People Gleb Khudyakov, 10 years old
This house is for people who like comfort and a modern style. Regular people live in it. My house is made of glass and wood, also stone. The walls are glass and wood, and the fl oor is stone. Because this house is in a modern style. There's car parking on the balconies. Trees grow on each balcony automatically, like a mini garden. My house is in the center of Minsk. There's a calm atmosphere in my house. The fl oor is designed like the seashore. We feel peace in our house. Because people in 2067 are modern and stylish, but they want peace and comfort. In our house, each person sees their own reality out of the window: if they've just woken up and they want sun, then the sun will be there, but if they want to see the sea then they will.
House Above Nature Anna Bezenson, 8 years old
I made my house because I think that in the future there's going to be a forest apocalypse. My house will be needed because it will be taller than the forest and nature, and we don't want to interfere with them. What I don't like about modern buildings is that you can be bothered by other people making sounds. The neighbors can stop you concentrating on something, and that's the problem. In my house there will be separate little houses for kids so adults don't stop them from living their own lives. One house is for adults: they can live there with little kids, but the house that's for kids is for kids who are a bit older, like nine to twelve and older. Anyway, my house is on an enormous bridge that almost never ends. If someone fancies going mushrooming in the fall, and they live right over the forest, then it's easy, they can just go straight down the steps or take the elevator. It's very comfortable to live in this house, but its best feature is that there will be more nature and we won't interfere with it. You're not allowed to drive vehicles into the city up above because the roads are very narrow. You can go on rollerskates, or a scooter, or a bike, or you can walk. I really like this house because I thought it up myself, and I hope everyone will like it.
Crystal Tree Damir Fursevich, 11 years old
It is now 2068. I want to talk about what my house will be like during this time. The world has changed for the better. I invented a living skyscraper that is adapted to our climate. The house is like wood, but it is made of glass, vibranium, and crystals. When the weather is sunny, they shrink. When it is cold out, the crystals grow bigger and the walls thicken. This house is located in Minsk, which is the most advanced city at the moment. The apartment building has 42 fl oors. Basically it is a residential complex. It has 30 fl oors and 12 offi ces. One apartment has six rooms. You will fi nd a natural atmosphere inside this house: It is pervaded by the smells of trees, voices of birds, and lots of greenery. This house will stand for 100,000 years because of its very durable materials and because it has been very well designed.
The Aerial Kingdom of the Amateurs Yan Muraviev, 7 years old
My house is wavy, because it will have to hover. It's a rocket house with engines to fl y with. When it lands on the ground, the engines go under the ground. My house has an unusual shape. Because it will need to hover in the air for a long time. It's different from houses now because it's capacious and energy effi cient. The frame is iron, and the rest is glass. Energy comes from solar panels. I will build it by the water. Belarusians will live in it. A special planning feature: it doesn't take up much room, but there are lots of apartments in it.
Stairway to Heaven Danila Ruzov, 13 years old
The year is 2068. Life has changed for the worse. The climate has changed. Precipitation has become more frequent, and it is very hot during the day (+58 degrees), and at night it is very cold (-35 degrees). And the world's population has grown to 20 billion. Due to this, it has become necessary to create a housing project that takes into account the above conditions. And I created this house called “Stairway to Heaven”. This house is very similar to a pyramid. It is very large and high. It consists of 11 fl oors, including an attic. The roof of this house sports solar panels. They power the house. Water is supplied to it through pipes. There are a few more of the same type of houses located right up against the house. And they form a kind of dome, and inside you can fi nd huge streets (see the picture of the project). There can be both residential apartments and offi ces. Anyone can live in the house. The temperature inside is always comfortable, but if anyone wants their apartment to be a particular temperature, then they can adjust it themselves. The house is very bright, because almost the entire building is built of super-strong glass. The color inside is gray, but the owners can repaint the building themselves. The house will stand until it is demolished, because it is made of reliable materials from the future.
House on the Water Anton Ivankov, 13 years old
I decided I wanted to make the house look like water and waves, because it is located on the Minsk sea. It stands on a fl oating platform in the middle of the sea. It is built of iron and cement. The house has nine fl oors with a total of 144 apartments. The water will be taken from the sea and fi ltered. Electricity will be produced using solar panels. You will be able to hear the sounds of the sea inside the apartments. It will be warm and light inside the house. The main colors will be navy blue, light blue, and turquoise. It is necessary to build this house, because in 2068 the whole planet will be fl ooded with water, and people will have to live on its surface. The house will stand for 300,000 years, because the materials are heavy-duty and durable.
Mountain Skyscraper Yan Minkevich, 9 years old
The house is very large: it is 1,000 meters high and triangular in shape. There is a huge balcony that is attached to the house. It looks like this because no one in our group has ever made a building like that. The power of the mountain is what I feel when I look at this house. Because the house needs to be protected. It is located in the Minsk forest. You often encounter animals there. You can see my house from the Eiffel Tower in Paris. The house is not made of anything. Instead, it's carved into a mountain side, and the mountain itself is made of stone. The apartments are located in the center of the mountain, and you can have fun at the top: There you will fi nd a movie theater, theater, gym, swimming pools, etc. Down below is where there are parking lots and a bunker. The house has more than 200 fl oors. Water is collected at the top, and it is fi ltered and purifi ed there. The walls in the mountain are thick. People who work in different professions and come from different countries will live in this house. Despite the fact that the house is a mountain, the inside has a very cozy and homey atmosphere. The inside will smell of stones, and it is bright inside the rooms. It differs from others in that it is integrated into nature. It should be built because it is very cozy and fun to live in. The house will stand for 1,000,000 years, because it is located in Belarus and it is safe here.
The Underwater House Dmitry Goluzov, 11 years old
There will be little space left on Earth in 2068. Overpopulation is our main problem. There will be little food, earth, and everything else. So I decided to build houses underwater. They can be any size and located at any depth. This project is for a large house with several fl oors. It resembles a cloud. Bushes are grown on each tier. You can go out on the balcony and water them. The house is located under a glass dome, so it is protected from water. The inside has its own ecosystem: Plants and trees are grown there, and there is also space to play. There are a lot of rooms in the house. There is a small park in the yard. Rails have been laid through its center. The underground houses are connected with each other by tunnels, which carry the subway. Entire cities can be constructed in this fashion. Why move to Mars if there is still half of the Earth left to settle? There's a lot of room underwater.
Glass House Ivan Chekashev, 10 years old
My house looks like several triangles. It's pretty big. I don't know why it's like that. I don't know what my house looks like. It looks like a bunch of weird shards of glass. I decided to make it this way because that way it looks more beautiful. It's located in Minsk. There's a park next to the house. You can see it if you're standing next to it. It is made of glass and iron. Because it is beautiful, not expensive, and environmentally friendly. This has to do with where it is. All the rooms in the house are residential apartments. The house has 20 fl oors. As is true of all houses, all sorts of different people live in it. There's a kind of strange atmosphere inside. The building doesn't smell at all. You can hear the sounds of nature, and it is 23 degrees Celsius there. It is bright there, and it is really white. The house feels like the future. My house lets you peek into the future, which is something that you can't see anywhere else. My house has to be built because it can accommodate a lot of people. It will last at least 70 years.
Magnet Arina Stepanovich, 12 years old
There will be more apartment buildings in 2068 than there are now, and I plan to have my Magnet project built. This apartment building will be shaped like an egg. In addition, quite a lot of people will be able to live in it. Its frame consists of high-strength concrete, and it will contain a magnet in its foundation. The apartment building seems to fl oat above the ground. All of it consists of glass panels. A single fl oor has four apartments. The apartment building has 22 fl oors. You will fi nd a park with places to relax beneath my apartment building. It has sound insulation, and the desired temperature will be able to be maintained. It's also very clean there. There are large panoramic windows. This place is decorated in soft colors. It is nice to live there because it has a pleasant atmosphere and a lot of light. This apartment building is very easy to build, and people will want to live in it. It also generates energy and has its own cleaning system. You can fi nd a parking garage under the apartment building. You can climb to any fl oor from this garage.
O2+ Matvei Ivanishkin, 8 years old
My house is called O2, because it looks like an oxygen molecule. The house resembles a bunch of colored circles. I built it out of diamonds and magma. The magma was hot, and it fused together the diamonds. Now pipes go through the dried magma, which are used to supply oxygen to the house. You can build this house anywhere, in any place. Each little circle is an apartment. Each apartment has eight rooms: a kitchen, living room, hall, foyer, bedroom, bathroom, and so on. The energy is produced from processing diamonds. Various kinds of people live in the house. There is plenty of room for everyone. It's nice inside the house. It's quiet and warm. There's plenty of oxygen there, and it is easy to breathe. There is a special entrance between the apartments. You can only go upstairs by passing through the other apartments. You enter one apartment before going on to the next one: this is how you can say “Hello” to all your neighbors. Each apartment has one large round window. This house really has to be built, because it is one hundred percent safe.
CheapECO∞ Tikhon Aleinik, 12 years old
This building is called CheapECO∞ (the infi nity sign), because fi rst of all this house is for people who aren't too wealthy, and secondly it's ecofriendly. All the electric power is generated using loads of different generators, wind turbines, and solar batteries. The house consists of 218 eight-sided modules in various positions. They could be made of wood or of concrete. The key thing is that building it doesn't take much time. To make houses stand out from each other, you can add a couple of modules on the roof. I think Minsk will need houses like this to “migrate” in the event of global warming. For example, if there is fl ooding or water logging the modules can be separated and fl own somewhere else by drone. And then you can put them back together. There's a sponge on each module, painted in the color of the material the module is made out of. If a resident has fl owers in the window, then after it has rained they can squeeze out the sponge and the accumulated water will go on the fl owers. The house might be made of wood, because that's an environmentally friendly material. This building could be put up anywhere in the world. But only on dry land. Each apartment has its own elevator and staircase (in case the elevator breaks down). The apartments are sealed off from each other.
Cloud Mirror House Roman Golev, 10 years old
My house is called that because it's in a place where there are often clouds. The facade of my house is made of glass. There's lots of light in the house. It won't be a box: it's a house with an interesting shape, with water drainage and lots of greenery. My house has 500 fl oors so everyone can buy an apartment. The apartments are cloud shaped. There's a highspeed elevator. If you go up to the 501st fl oor you can see a bird’s-eye view of the city. There's a spiral staircase of greenery along the facade that leads up to the roof.
ECOCO Aleksandr Sheremet, 13 years old
In the future, people will want to develop new technologies and new types of architecture, and they will not pay attention to wildlife and nature at all. I decided to design a two-storey house that resembles a baobab tree, where the people live in hollows. These houses have underground tunnels where you can protect yourself from the heat. There are a number of springs as well as a lake nearby. The walls create shade in the hollowed-out apartments, and this shade is able to maintain a comfortable temperature for life. All the surfaces are natural shapes, and there are no right angles. Inside you feel just like you are out in nature. This house is needed in order to maintain our natural resources.
Zelokam Arseny Zhukevich, 9 years old
This house has got a pretty simple shape. It's almost like a semicircle. This makes it look like a hill. My house is not very big and not too small. I came up with this shape when I was fantasizing about nature. My house resembles the vast expanses of nature. I decided that in the future almost all houses will be located in nature, including mine. It is located near Minsk. It stands among the hills, which makes it almost impossible to see. My house is made of concrete. My house uses concrete, because the hills are made of stone. The house has fi ve fl oors. Light, water, heat are provided from the typical sources. Ordinary people live in the house. Inside my house it is peaceful and quiet.
Green Wave Evelina Chaplinskaya, 12 years old
One day I was walking home from school and I thought: “What if I could see all of Belarus?” And then I decided to build a building that can fl y, and it will be equipped with everything that is necessary for living. I came home and started thinking about my project. For starters, it will look like a wave. Because I love the sea and how the waves splash. And the roof will contain an entire garden where fl owers and bushes will be grown. The house will be glass, so you can see everything. Since the building will not descend to ground level, and people need somewhere to live and work, there will be apartments and offi ces. It also has stores and a library. The house should be bright and warm as well as cozy. This means that it will need electricity, and it can be generated using wind and sunlight. Every room will smell just the way people want it to smell.
Splinter House Stepan Solonenko, 11 years old
I think my house has an original shape. This building is shaped like a splinter. It's spacious. It's made of Martian metal. It's out of town. People live in it. It will have four floors.
Ecohouse Olga Myslivets, 9 years old
My building is made in the shape of a cube. It has two fl oors. The whole house can be split into four smaller cubes. And each of those cubes has two fl oors. This house has four cubes, but another one might have 6, 5, or even 10 modules. My building is unlike houses now because it's bright and colorful. Materials: brick and metal. The power comes from nearby rivers. I would build this house in warm countries. Maybe in Minsk. It will be people who live in it, of course. The special feature of my house is there's a beautiful garden on the top. It has loads of trees, which provide a home for various birds. There's a pond, benches, swings, and some fl owerbeds. I think people will want to live in my house.
Earth House Egor Malashevich, 12 years old
I decided to make a house that would be a cross between a candle and the earth. The basis of the building is glass, concrete and iron, and also timber. There will be houses like this on every street in every city. Why did I create just this kind of building? Just because the apartments are a non-traditional shape (there are two per fl oor), and because it's easy to build, and because of the building's functionality. I think this is the future, and people shouldn't spend a lot of time, effort and money on building apartments. And everybody should have a big, bright, comfortable apartment. Houses should be for people, not people for houses.
Sunny Ivan Egorov, 11 years old
This building looks like the sun. Because there isn't much sun in Belarus. In 2068, apartments will be big. Nowadays they're small. My house will be for people who don't spend much time at home. People shouldn't sit indoors all the time. The house should be in the woods. Because people want an environmental theme. These houses will be quick-erect. One room won't be very big.
Treeture Arsenia Evstafi eva, 8 years old
My house has three fl oors and each fl oor is a whole tree. There's one apartment in each tree. The dining room will be on the third fl oor. When people eat, they will be covered in foliage. This house will draw energy from the sun. I will build my house in a meadow, and anyone who wants can live there. There will be four apartments in the house. They will be an unusual shape. All the nice animals there are anywhere in the world will walk around outside underneath. There will be a stand near the house with saddles for all the animals in the world.
Nature House Elizaveta Skorobogataya, 7 years old
My house is different from all the regular houses because there's lots of greenery in it. The house is very big and a lot of people live in it. It's an unusual shape: I want there to be more animals because of the bad ecology, and my house reminds people of that. It's an ecological house and conserves nature. It takes energy from the sun. And it will be made of glass. Boss people will live in it. The apartments will be expensive, so that these people can spend money. It will have nine fl oors. The rooms will be round and luxurious.
Glasser House Timur Lukovenkov, 12 years old
My house consists entirely of glass, and the floor is marble. In 2067 there'll be loads of rain, and I decided that all that water could be turned into electric power. Thanks to that decision, nature won't be polluted — it will flourish! I really like this future because nature should flourish. To change water into electric power we'll need a water reservoir, and in my house it's under the subway entrance. By the way, about the subway: I decided to add a subway to my house not just for moving between houses, but also for living in. The subway is a very useful system because the subway cars can be reconfigured as apartments.
High Heel Vera Syaglo, 13 years old
On one side the shape of the house is normal, but on the other side it looks like a heel of a shoe. This house is designed for regular people. It's got regular two-room apartments. I reckon that's enough for regular people, because there's everything you need for your life in an apartment like that. There's a horizontal elevator as a way of moving from one floor to another. The house will get electric power from solar cells on the pitched roof. And there will be a garden on the flat roof. It's a good ecological solution. The residents will also be able to hang out on that roof and admire the beautiful view. The stores and car parking that the residents need will be underneath the heel of the house.
Woodland Geometrical House Ilya Kosovets, 8 years old
My house is in the form of a bird. It has windows for wings. There are fi re alarms in the beak. It's geometrical because it's all made out of shapes. My house has various different materials in it. I would build it in the woods. People will live in it with their animals. And it has 59 apartments.
Illusion Valeria Bykoder, 9 years old
I want to tell you about my house, which is called Illusion. I decided to call it that because it has a lot of windows and they're different shapes. It's large and rectangular. I like that. My house looks like a kitten – it's even got an ear. It's surrounded by trees, so you don't spot it straight away. It's made of concrete, glass and brick, so it can be multicolored and associated with a rainbow. There are fi ve fl oors in my house. The fi rst fl oor is for a café, and the others are for housing. We buy water for the building, but we get light and warmth from solar panels. Different kinds of people will live in my house, including celebrities. There will be a very warm and comfortable atmosphere in the house. Because it's got the woods all around and the noise of the trees. It defi nitely needs to get built, because it's cool and peaceful. It will be there for a long time, a whole two thousand years, because it's very strong.
Stork Vasily Salkov, 8 years old
My house resembles a bird. It has four wings, a head, and a tail. Everything is very bright and colorful. I decided to build a house, because soon it will be New Years, and I want my house to be a pleasant gift for the holiday. I took inspiration from the shape of the stork. I think that it is the greatest bird. The house is located in Minsk, on 17 Cnianskaja street, in the center. I decided to use a very expensive material: diamonds! That is because it is very strong and durable. There is a restaurant on the fi rst fl oor. There is another restaurant, and there are apartments on the second fl oor. The third fl oor also has apartments. There is a store on the fourth fl oor. The house is powered by a motor, which is driven by a robot. The water is supplied from underground sour ces. Any type of people can live in this house. The building has a very radiant atmosphere. The temperature is comfortable, you can hear birds sing. And it also has an odd shape. I believe that this house must be built, because it will be very fun for people to live there. And it will stand for many years, because it is made of very strong materials.
Technology Association: Clever Kazimir Kazimir Gerchikov, 13 years old
By 2068, our planet will be overcrowded, so I designed a house that can be built very quickly and accommodate a lot of families. My design was inspired by ships. It can be built in either Belarus or the Baltic States. It is made of glass, concrete and metal. You might ask: why from such materials? And I will tell you: “To keep the apartment building from rotting.” We get a lot of rain, and so do the Baltic States. It has six fl oors, and one fl oor is divided into two apartments. Water, light, and heat – everything is generated and extracted from biomaterials. Since my apartment house is for many people, the atmosphere there is cheerful and festive, even if there are no holidays. I have provided for the fact that people are all different, and I designed it so that the temperature can be adjusted mechanically. The apartment building is built of very durable materials, and it is built by very good and professional builders who have at least eight years of experience. And those who live there do not have to fear for the destruction of their house. The house has two stairways and four elevators. These types of buildings can solve the housing problem for people.
American Pyramid House Nikita Ardytsky, 10 years old
My house is called American Pyramid House. I called it that because I got the idea from the American pyramids. In 2067 the residents of Minsk will want to live alongside nature. This house will allow people to live in nature and use clean energy. There will be trading centers in this house, and people will live in other ones. The apartments will be big and spacious. It will use glass, marble, concrete, and iron. There will be kids' play areas and landing places for special transport. This transport will look like an airplane, take off like a helicopter, fl y like a plane, and land like a plane.
Flying Cup House Andrei Radkov, 8 years old
My house fl ies and it looks like a cup. It's cup shaped. The shape of my house is a half oval. I thought of this shape when I was drinking tea; I love tea. I will make it out of glass, iron and concrete. My building is powered by solar panels and wind turbines. I would build it in the woods. The people who live in it are people who love nature. My house has 10 fl oors. There are 16 apartments on each fl oor and the apartments are round. 640 people can live in my house. There will be cup houses in the neighborhood, but they will all be different, so the neighborhood will be very beautiful.
Khrushchyovka One Plus Vsevolod Ivanov, 12 years old
The apartment building is glass and rectangular on all sides. It can grow to be very large, because you can add on to the building. It looks like a modern offi ce building. In 2068 Minsk will be fl ooded. I like the use of these shapes in architecture. My apartment building looks like the sky. It is located in the center of Minsk, next to the obelisk on Victory Square. It will be visible from any part of Minsk. It is made of light but strong materials. The materials will be able to hold up in our climate. The apartment building has 10 fl oors and 100 apartments. Electricity will be produced from a solar panel and a water mill. Inside the apartment building the atmosphere will be like a sea beach. The apartments smell like the ocean, and you can hear the sounds of the sea. The inside temperature is 30 degrees Celsius. The rooms are very bright. This apartment building is one of a kind. It will last for 100 years, because it is made of durable and lightweight materials.
Reassembling House Dmitry Gorov, 10 years old
My building is technological. It's rectangular/ square in shape. The building can change the arrangement of its modules. In 2067 Minsk will be an earthquake zone. It will all happen because the earth's core will shift and that will cause earthquakes in Minsk. My house is built so that houses in Minsk aren't destroyed by the earthquakes: it can transform itself in a certain period of time when earthquakes begin. But my future will be good all the same because the earthquakes in Minsk won't do very much damage to the houses. My building will be made of metal, because metal is strong. There will be solar panels on the roof of my house. The apartments in my house will be very big because I think apartments now aren't designed for the lives of people who might make things and be creative. That is, my house is meant for creative people.
Multicolor Anna Valakhanovich, 7 years old
This house is called “Multicolor.” This is a vacation home where my family, relatives, godparents and friends can stay. This house is made of brick, wood, and clay. The walls are made of brick, and the roof is built of wood. The tiles are made of clay. I made it this shape so that people would fi nd it fun to live there. It has windows of different shapes. It has 12 fl oors. The fi rst fl oor has a restaurant and stores. The 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th fl oors are living areas, and the 6th fl oor is food storage. There is a pool under the ground, and there's a zoo on fl oors 7 and 8, and an amusement park on fl oors 9 and 10, and a hospital on fl oor 11, and an eco park with plants on fl oor 12. The house is in Poland. It's warm and has good lighting. We feel happiness when we're in this house. I thought up a house like this so it would be fun to be in. It's a very unusual shape.
Los Megos Artyom Gorokhov, 9 years old
My apartment building looks transparent and big from the outside. As far as its shape is concerned, then I can say that I haven't decided on one yet. It is also very large. It is like that because that is the fi rst thing that came to my mind. My apartment building resembles the head of an octopus. That is what the architect decided to do! My apartment building is everywhere, but it will be built in Minsk. An eco-friendly house will be next to it. It will be made of iron, concrete, and glass. And yes, the use of these materials has been conditioned by the building's location. The fl oor plan is very good. There are about 40 fl oors, and there are even more rooms. Water, lighting, and heat: the building is equipped with everything. Everyone will be able to live in this apartment building. The atmosphere inside the apartment building is the very best. My apartment building is different because the elevators go everywhere, just like in “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.” My apartment building must be built because it is beautiful. And it will stand for a very long time.
Tiny Circle David Levitin, 7 years old
I have a house that grows. It's not boring the way our houses are now. It will be built in the meadow. It will be made out of clay. The clay will be covered with special paint, so the rain doesn't wash it away. Cherries will grow on the roof. If anybody doesn't have any money, they can go up onto the roof and eat some cherries. There will be three fl oors in the house and there will be two or four apartments on each fl oor. The people who live in them will be people who like open spaces and the countryside, because this house will be in the country.
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