A single-family house is not only a roof over your head. A huge number of questions are raised in each project: from a person's way of life to the temperature in their home. As a result, we see a whole world that is organized according to its own laws.
This chapter contains projects in which students reflect and fantasize about their dream home, while applying knowledge gained in the classes on architecture, ecology, graphics, sculpture, journalism, arts and crafts, psychology, modern art and even choreography.
The projects presented in this chapter were created by students of the Architectural Thinking School as part of the SYSTEMS THINKING course, in which children learned to combine knowledge and skills from different disciplines to create one project.

Sasha's Mysterious House Aleksandra Kovaleva, 6 years old
I like it that my house is made of different shapes, and maybe not everybody will even realize that it's a house. That's the mystery. My house looks like a bird. It's in America and there are trees growing around it. It has six fl oors. The house is made of glass and stone. There are three rooms. Indoors you can hear birds singing and the noise of the trees. Indoors it's bright and the walls are green and blue. My pop and my mom and me and a dog and a cat all live in this house. My house is special because it's an unusual shape.
F.H.F.E. (Floating House in the Form of an Eye) Timofei Lenchenvsky, 10 years old
I've been given a task to make a house. I thought of my teacher. And her eyes. I decided to make a house in the form of an eye. But because an oval is nearly a circle, so it would roll along the ground, I decided to hang it from a tree, trees. I decided to make the entrance in a tree which I marked. These are the rooms in my house: the dining room, the kitchen, the bedroom, the library and workshop, the living room, the play room, the toilet. The good thing about my house is that it's hanging from above.
The Invisible House Fyodor Kisel, 8 years old
The inside of the house resembles a robot, and it is underground! The people who live there do not love other people. It is also for everyone else. The house smells like a café, and this creates a cheerful mood. The house is equipped with its own energy supply. There is a pipe going from the house to the lava. It scoops up heated air and supplies it to the house. The building gets its water supply from an underground river. Electricity is produced by a fan that is turned by the hot air from under the ground. 40 rubles! It's a house that will last forever!
Changing Triangle Roman Peregud, 8 years old
A STORY IN GORKY PARK. I looked at this house and I remembered that my great-granddad built it. I found a scroll and read about the stone of recovery. I needed it because the house was old: I searched and searched and then I found it, and I made the house all new! And I studied the materials: it was made of chamotte clay, plastic and stone. The house has a teleporter in it and an observatory and a magic tree. A LAB STORY. I once went to a lab. There wasn't anybody there. I dropped a fl ask on myself and turned into a gnome. Then I dropped another fl ask and... I was transported to Gorky Park. In the future I found another fl ask, drank it, and changed into a human being again. Then I walked and I walked and I found a changing triangle, and my family! The end!!!
"I am Falling, Cool-Looking Rock" Gleb Mazok, 8 years old
This house is capable of anything. It is big, and all my relatives live there. There are 21 of them. You don't have to worry about the price of the house. You only have to pay for it once every two years. There's no need to worry about electricity. It is produced by a windmill. The house is between two rocks. It has a swimming pool, a car, and a rescue capsule on the roof. If any danger occurs, the capsule will lift off to prevent even a single person from being killed. The capsule can fly, float, and descend to the ground.
Mirage Evgeny Znachyonok, 6 years old
I came up with a house with an unusual shape that is called “Mirage”. It is very big and strong. The house is as tall as the Statue of Liberty. My house is colorful and cheerful. The name “Mirage” was chosen for a reason: the house is located in the Sahara Desert. There's nothing near the house. It can be seen from as far as 200 km away. People who are lost will be able to see the house from afar and pay a visit to it. The materials from which the house is made are clay and sand. It is painted in different colors. My house has an unusual layout because it is a maze with secret passages. There is an underground elevator in the house as well as 100 rooms located on four fl oors. The water that is supplied to the house is taken from underground, and the lighting is supplied from the city. My entire family lives in my house. It is quite happy here, it smells of baked rolls, and you can hear the sound of the sand. My house is unusual due to the mazes inside. I want to build this house so that I can live in the desert!
Cupcake Varvara Dmitrieva, 8 years old
This is a house for 10 people. Families live in it. The house is made of glass and iron. The glass is used for the walls, and the iron is the whipped cream on the cupcake. I chose this shape for the house became I wanted it to resemble a cupcake. House layout: it has two fl oors. The fi rst fl oor has apartments, and the second has a bakery. My house produces electricity using solar panels. The house is located in Moscow, on the outskirts of the city. When we enter the house, we feel pleasure. I designed this house because I love cupcakes. The most unusual thing is that cupcakes are baked in the house.
Buzzzz Ruzhena Urbanovskaya, 5 years old
I wanted a house that would be different from everyone else's. My house is like a cake. It's in the woods. It has four fl oors. The house is made of painted brick. Inside there are four rooms: the play room, the bedroom, the kitchen, and the bathroom. It's got a wooden fi replace. And you can look at the stars. Indoors you can hear a hare stirring, a train is going by somewhere, and there's a pretty butterfl y fl uttering at the window. The walls are purple. My whole family lives in the house: four people and Daddy's daughter. My house is special because it has a cherry on top made of bricks. It makes the house more beautiful.
Iron Wave Elisei Marshak, 9 years old
Once I was sitting on the seashore. And I had a daydream: why couldn't I build a house that would be like a wave. I got up and walked along the shore. The daydream woke me up. And I spotted four small cliffs in the distance. There was a forest next to them. And I decided: why couldn't I build a house that would stand on those cliffs, and by the forest as well. The next day I got to work. I brought bits of metal, glass and wood. And I started to build. It took me two years to build it. And it was fi nished just in time for Mom's birthday. So I decided to give Mom a surprise. Not just Mom, actually: the whole family. Everyone was astonished, of course. And so the day of the housewarming party dawned! I also forgot to tell you that I built a summer house at the bottom, between the cliffs. And when there's a tsunami, the wave will go right over the summer house, which is made of impermeable glass, and it will be really beautiful looking out. There's also a dance fl oor and a theater in my house. It's always warm, there's a tasty smell, and you can hear the birds singing. Everybody liked my house, and I named it Iron Wave (because it looks like a wave and it's made out of metal!).
The Brain in the Brains Mikhail Grebennikov, 7 years old
My house resembles a bunch of stairs. Because it will hurt the dragon to step on it if he attacks, and the dragon likes to destroy houses. If he comes and gets hurt, he will fall into the water: My house is on the water. What do the dragons have to do with it? The house is in the dragon village. They live there because this species of dragon is the country dragon. And chemists live in the house itself. They bought this house to conduct research in, but they didn't know that dragons would go live beside them. The house is made of brick that is made of stone. So that the dragons can't destroy it. My house has two floors. The first floor has the game room. The second floor has a laboratory, a bedroom with lots of beds, one big bedroom for the smartest chemist, and a laundry room. The water is delivered to the house through pipes attached to a tree. The pipes deliver water from the lake. Water suckers are attached to the ends of the pipes. It is warm in the house, because there are fireplaces under the floor. And there are stoves inside the walls. There is a really huge stove that is stoked in the attic. Electricity flows through wires from the ground to the house. There is a small power outlet in the tree next to the house, and the cables are run underground. When you enter this house, you feel like you are in a cave. It is very warm and dark inside, but there is an “on” and “off” switch. You can smell the stove, the fireplace, and all the chemicals. That's why you need a gas mask to go in there. You can hear the cries of the dragon from outside. My house differs from all other houses by the fact that it is full of staircases. It is the only one in the world like it. It has to be built, because chemists live there, and they make medicines. It will stand for 100,000 years.
Volcanic Slides Marianna Yurchenko, 10 years old
I was once at our dacha and I went down to the sea for a stroll. And I saw a volcano house. It fl oated up to the shore, collected some people, and fl oated out to sea. But the most interesting thing was that it had built-in water slides and people went down them straight into the sea!!! And I wanted to go down the slides too, so I stood in line. I waited one hour, two hours, three hours. But I never got to the front, because they closed. When I was on my way home I thought maybe I could ask my parents to build a house like that. I got home, and then at nine o'clock my parents got back. I told them about my idea. Daddy said, “Yes!”, but Mom didn't agree. But then I persuaded her for ages and she did agree. And the next day we went to the store. We bought everything, and Daddy started building. He spent two months building, three months, four months. And in the end it was fi nished. We had a housewarming party. The day after that we started living in the sea! We enjoyed ourselves and went on the slides and it was so fun. The house was very strong because it was made of stone and brick. And we lived there for the rest of our lives.
A Good Game Yan Minkevich, 6 years old
My house looks like a snake. The chimneys are its wiggly body, and its head is a circle and a square, and there are two fl oors in the square: the bottom fl oor and the top fl oor. The house is on the water because I love sea monsters. My house is like a sea snake. It's in the water, in the lake, in Minsk. It has two fl oors. The house is made of wood and brick. It has various rooms: a bathroom, a workroom, a kids' room, and a kitchen. Indoors you can hear the noise of engines. It's warm inside. The walls are blue. Three people live in this house: my pop, my mom, and me. My house is special because it's like a sea serpent and it's on the water.
Climbing Wall House Ivan Chekashev, 9 years old
I decided to think up this house when I remembered a time when I went to a climbing wall. And I decided to make a house where you could do sports every day. I decided to make it in a meadow in Bulgaria. In my house you need to get from one room to another by way of tubes with hooks, but there's also an elevator for people who don't want to climb or who can't. My house has four rooms and one cloakroom. My house will have three fl oors. The main room in my house will be the sitting room, and it will have green plastic furniture in a sleek shape. The other rooms are going to be the kitchen, the bedroom, and a room for receiving guests. Me and my cat will live in my house, because I'll be given the cat for Christmas. My house will have a sports atmosphere – that's because I've planned it to be a climbing wall. My house is made of metal, plastic and glass. My house is a long way away from the city and other houses. Sounds make their way into my house and I can hear the birds singing, because it's in a meadow in the forest. My house is special because it's like a sports hall. I hope I'll build this climbing wall house one day.
Pirate House Elizaveta Vishnyakova, 7 years old
My house looks like a fairytale character. Because I love it when a pirate is dressed up and handsome. It was interesting to make such an unusual house that looks like a pirate. There's a kitten living there. The house is in the woods, away from the city, not in Belarus. There are only footpaths near it. You can see it straight away: it's big and you can't miss it. It's made of boards and glass. My house has two fl oors and three rooms. The play room is on the fi rst fl oor, and the bathroom and sitting room are on the second fl oor. It's all purple, and it has a balcony with an awning and a triangular bath. Water comes down to it from a lake. It's warm in the house from the fi replace. When you go into this house, you feel cozy and comfortable. It smells like fl owers there: like daisies and tulips. You can hear the tit-warbler sing: “Cheep-cheep!” And the kitten who lives there says: “Meow, meow”. It simply has to be built, because it will be large and beautiful. And if it is not built, then it will be terribly sad.
Syaorome Sofia Tomilchik, 7 years old
I designed a house called “Syaorome”. “And why did you choose such a name?” you may ask. I can tell you why: “S is for Sonya, Ya is for Yaroslav, O is for Olga, and the other letters stand for the city in which my project is located.” It has six rooms, and it looks like a capsule. The house is cozy, and around the house you can fi nd a swimming pool, trees, bushes, and pond. It's made of wood. The house has one fl oor. Inside it is very cozy and warm. The house stands on columns. I want my family to live there.
Spacehouse Egor Matskevich, 6 years old
I designed a house that can fly into space. I really like space, and I also want to see aliens. The house is oval in shape and has a lot of windows because it is very dark in space. The house is located in Russia. But it can fl y from city to city. It can fl y 1000 m up in the air. I also used the following materials: metal and glass. The house has four fl oors: the fi rst fl oor is the basement, the second and third fl oors are living quarters, and the fourth fl oor is an attic. Light and heat are supplied to the house from the power plant, and water is supplied from the station where they collect water. My family will live in this house. It has a very warm and cozy atmosphere, smells of food, and you can hear the sounds of pets. My house has a very unusual shape, and it also has a secret, which I will not share with you. The house will stand forever, because it is made of strong materials.
Rocket House Yury Shpit, 7 years old
I wanted to be a cosmonaut, so my house looks like a space rocket. It's triangular and tall. It has four rooms and one fl oor, but there's an elevator you can use to go up to the ceiling. My house is made of metal and wood, so it's bright indoors and a nice temperature. It's in Minsk, next to some other houses. The rocket house has armored windows, just in case. My family lives there.
The Tale of a Flowing House Denis Lozner, 9 years old
Once upon a time in class I was told to think up any house I liked and make a model of it. I called it Flowing House because it was irregular in shape. It doesn't look like anything else. It's in a meadow, because it needs lots of space. Outside it's made of cement, but inside it's wooden, to be more cozy. It has eight rooms (you can see them in the cross-section), not counting the toilet as a room. The house has six fl oors (if the hall counts as a room). Inside it's bright, warm, and quiet. A big family can live in this building. What's special about it is that it doesn't have any corners, it has big windows, and the kids' room is a long way from the sitting room.
The Hotel of Shapes Timur Gabrinets, 7 years old
I really like this house because I was inspired by the shapes and I made something complicated out of something very simple. My house looks like something complicated. It's in the city of Miami in America. It's got 100 fl oors. The house is made of bricks. And it's got windows made of glass. The house has 10 rooms. Inside you can hear a clock. It's sunny in the house. The walls are different colors. Five people and also a dog (a sheepdog) live in this house. My house is special because it's complicated, because there's something special about it. It can transform.
Geometrical House Artyom Filichyonok, 7 years old
This house is called Geometrical House because there's a bunch of geometry in it, but I was inspired by a duck. I often look at ducks. My house is on the water. My house is outside Dubai. Me and my family will live in my house. My house is made of wood, glass and plastic. It has a very comfortable atmosphere. My house has a balcony downstairs. It's got three fl oors. I've got an overpass in the air. I've got filters in my house to purify seawater.
Slender House Mark Kanaplev, 7 years old
This is like a mosaic house. It has lots of different colored pieces. They're like pentagons. The house is in the town of Krasno dar. It's made of concrete and glass. There are three fl oors and a garage. It has about 50 rooms altogether. It's going to be bright and warm, and 20 people will live there. My house is unusual because it's got lots of corners.
Erector Set House Daria Sankevich, 9 years old
My daughter once asked me, “Why do we live in such a little apartment?” I couldn't answer the question. And I started wonder ing myself why we lived in such a boring apartment. And I suggested to my husband that we build a house. Not just any house but an erector set house, with three fl oors and four rooms. We started to build it. The fi rst shapes were a blue square, a red section, a green triangle, an orange rhombus, an indigo rectangle and a grid. We put them together and ended up with this house. The house is on the edge of the city. Because it's more peaceful there! Every year we rebuild our erector set house.
Stork Vsevolod Malevich, 6 years old
My house is called the “Stork”. I created it for a family of four people. This is my family. The house has an unusual shape. It is located in Germany, and its shape and name remind us Belarusians of our homeland. The body of the stork is made of clay, and the rest is made of brick, so the house is eco-friendly. It's got three fl oors. The house is spacious. It has seven rooms plus a mini-bank for keeping money. It has its own separate turbine because the house can fl y. There's a removable staircase outside. It's the only one in the house. The only way to move around inside is by elevator. The house is brightly colored. It is always bright and fun inside, and it smells of chocolate and roses. You can hear music playing: It depends on the mood. It is either cheerful or calm. Come and visit us!
Cloudsun Marissa Butaeva, 8 years old
The house looks like a cloud. I love to watch the clouds move, and that's why I made this house. I would like to live in a house like this. The sun will be next to my house, because my house is up in the air. It can be seen from the center of Minsk. The house is entirely made of glass, and it looks very much like a cloud. I have a water park and a store in my house. There is a pipe leading from the store, and it is used to deliver food. We can go swim in the water park as an entire family. My mom, dad, brother, sister, and I live in my house, and my grandparents also live in the house. My house is very beautiful if you look at it from afar. And those people who stand underneath it might get hot, and they can hide under the house. The house will exist for my entire life. The house is very cheerful and it has nine rooms, but it has only one fl oor, and everything fi ts into this fl oor very well. Everyone loves living in my house!
Bridge House Anna Bezenson, 7 years old
My project is called Bridge House. It isn't ordinary like all the other houses. It's on a little girl who's a bridge. She's made out of stone and there's grass and flowers growing on her top to make a beautiful green front garden. You need to climb up a rope ladder to get in. The house is made of wood and there are lots of different floors. I was wondering where to put the playground for the kids in the house. And I had this idea: I could make the house shaped like a slide, and make the floors like steps up to it. My house is painted in all the colors of the rainbow, so that everybody is happy when they look at it. There's colored stained glass at the back of the house. Indoors the house has very good internet, and TVs and beds and loads more comfortable furniture. The corridor is very big and spacious so that kids can run and play in it, because there are lots of toys and sports equipment. The house has a basement, and a reeeeeeally fast elevator, and a kitchen and dining room. There are sports and leisure centers for people and animals outside the house: a paddling pool, a trampoline, twister, etc. There are also little houses for pets. This house is for everybody in the neighborhood. Families can visit and hang out there. Even people who don't have a home of their own can come. It's got everything the heart could desire, and there's lots of space and light. I really love my house.
The Invisible House Bogdan Stolbov, 8 years old
The house has this name because it is hidden under a dome. The dome is needed for air, since the house is underwater. Three people can live there. Thanks to the dome, the people who live in the house can plant a garden directly underwater, along the very bottom of the sea! And there is a playground nearby. Inside the whole house is brightly lit, and it smells like the sea. The outside is made of metal and tropical wood. Of course, the house will be very expensive, but it can stand forever and never fall apart!
Ben's House Sofi a Slyunkova, 5 years old
This house is round because that's what the architect decided. I just believe in fairytales, and this house could be like in any fairytale. It's like a globe, and it needs a name like the name of a fairytale character: Ben. (Ben is a lamb.) The house is in Paris. It's made out of decorated bricks because brick is strong, and it will hold everything up well. There are two rooms and two fl oors. Inside it's bright and warm, and the walls are colored pink and yellow. Because I like yellow and my sister likes pink. My Pop, my Mom, me, and my sister Lilya all live in the house. The house is unusual because it's round and the windows are different shapes, to make it interesting to look out and see Paris.
Birdplane Fyodor Makarov, 9 years old
I want to build a house. It will look Belarusian. It will be cylindrical in shape and large. Just because I said so. It is shaped like a bird. Because the architect looked at a bird and built a house like it. It is painted in the same colors as the fl ag of Belarus. It is located in the air. What is next to the house is always changing. It can appear in any place in the sky. The clouds are located nearby. It can be seen from an airplane. It is made of wood because this is a lightweight material. Originally the house is located in Belarus. Аnd there are many forests in Belarus. The house has one fl oor and nine rooms. The water is supplied from pipes. The ligh ting comes from the sun. It is also heated by the sun. My family will live there. I will really like living there. It smells tasty inside the house. You can hear the sounds of cooking, and the temperature is warm: 36.6. The inside of the house is green. And you experience other sensations that are neat and extreme. Because the house is up in the air. It fl ies. Another unusual thing about it is its wings. We must build it. Just because it has to be built. It can be built quickly.
Superhouse Nikifor Smyk, 9 years old
I love swimming, and fl ying in a plane, and going on trips. My whole family and my pet fi sh all live in my house. The house travels round the world. The control room, bedroom, and bathroom are on the fi rst fl oor; the kitchen's on the second fl oor. The house is made out of bricks. The wings are made of special rubber.
Tikhon Tikhon Mikhailov, 6 years old
My house is eco-friendly because it has its own power plants. The house is big because I like to travel. The house is called “Tikhon” because I like the fi rst letter of my name. The house will be located in Russia, and it has two fl oors and seven rooms. The house is lit and heated by solar panels. Lots of families will live in this house. The house has a very warm atmosphere, and it is very bright inside. I think my house needs to be built, since it fl ies. It will stand for eternity, because it can fl y away from any cataclysms.
Fish House Valeria Plyshevskaya, 7 years old
I made my house this way because I really love to look at fi sh. People live in my house. It can fl oat in the water where it isn't too cold and it isn't too hot. Because where it's cold there's ice, and it won't be able to dive down, because it gets even colder and it might freeze. And where it's hot it might get too hot. It might get too hot because it's made out of iron. My house has a tail for swimming with. And it's got a staircase on the fi n. That's where the door to get into the house is too. There are three rooms in my house: the sitting room, the bedroom, and the fi sh watching room. There's a banana tree growing in the sitting room with bananas on it. When people are going on a long trip and they need something to eat, they pick a banana and eat it.
Submarine Vladimir Zayats, 6 years old
I designed a house called the “Submarine.” It is oval in shape, and it has been slightly narrowed. The house is big because there are a lot of people living there (about 90). My house is so named because it looks like a submarine. I was inspired by this image because I wanted the house to be able to travel through the water. My house is in New York. You can see fi sh swimming and seaweed outside the windows. The house is made of stone because it is durable. The house has one fl oor and 100 rooms. The following live in it: my dad, mom, my brother, and I. The house has colorful wallpaper. This house just simply must be built, because it will host guided tours and tourists will stay there. My house can last forever.
Ship House Georgy Tkachenko, 8 years old
This is a house for the family. My parents live in it, and me, and my wife and son. The house is made out of bricks, wood, metal, and concrete. The foundations and the second fl oor are both concrete. On the fi rst fl oor there's: the kitchen, the living room, the play room, the toilet, the library, the laundry room, the store room, and the fi replace. Above the fi rst fl oor there's a terrace for resting, having breakfast, and enjoying the mountain view. On the second fl oor there are 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, a lesson room, and a home cinema. The fl oors are wooden tiles everywhere. Brick walls. All the furniture is made out of wood and woven bamboo. The couches are covered in natural fabric. There's a warm atmosphere and clean air in the house. The most unusual thing is that the house is like a ship. This sort of house would be in the south of Italy, in the mountains by the sea.
Rainbow House Aleksandra Danilova, 6 years old
My house fl oats. It's a rainbow house and it's got lots of colors like a rainbow over the sea, because I love different colors and the sea. There are Belarusians living in the house. The house costs one rouble, so as not to waste money. The house fl oats on water so you can jump into the sea and have a swim. It's designed for people and also for fi sh. There's an underwater aquarium under the house so fi sh can have fun too, but sharks and whales can't get in to eat the little baby fi sh and the eggs. There are air cushions at both ends of the “rainbow” to help the house keep afl oat and stop it from sinking to the bottom. There's a little balcony at the top. The surface inside is level so people don't slip off. There are also beds and chests. 5–10 people can live there. When you need to wash, you can go to the entrance by the water, lean over the railing, and wash your hands in the sea. The shell of the house is iron for strength and painted, and indoors the walls, fl oor and ceiling are covered in colored plastic.
Water House Makar Chechet, 5 years old
My house is made of metal, and it's got cushions underneath so it can fl oat and stand like a ship at the harbor. It's unusual because it can go on water and it's got a cabin. It's underwater so you can go out of the door and swim. You can go out on the balconies too. It's got a chamber of horrors and a fun house and everything you need, and it's even armored. For everybody in the world.
Hyperhouse Makar Leonov, 8 years old
The main idea of my house is to keep my family safe. I live in it, along with my mom, and pop, and my brother Rostislav, and our two cats. It's in the town and it's there to protect the whole town and my family at any moment. The house has fi ve fl oors. The elevator room is on the fi rst fl oor. There are lots of lifts. The work room is on the second fl oor. There are two desks there, for mom and pop. The kitchen, sitting room, and bathroom are on the third fl oor. There are three bedrooms on the fourth fl oor. On the fi fth fl oor there's a store room and the controls for the house's defense functions. The house can fold up and unfold like a transformer. My house is made of bulletproof titanium.
Geometrical House Maria Kleshchyova, 6 years old
My house is geometrical: it's got rectangles and squares, enormous squares. It's in the desert. It's made of concrete and glass. It's got five floors, it's bright and it's got loads of rooms. Inside there are lots of flowers and cookies. There are animals living there. There are cages for the animals and also apartments. You can move about in it.
Open House Anna Daineko, 6 years old
There are lots of shapes in the house: curved triangles, squares. These shapes make it look like a fi sh. The house is in Africa. There's lots of sand around it. It's made of concrete and bricks, so it doesn't fall down. There are two fl oors and fi ve rooms in it: a kitchen, a big room, and a passage between them. There are windows nearly everywhere, lots of windows. In the house it smells of pizza and there's calm music playing. A girl lives there, she's 15. Her parents have gone to live in a different house. The house is unusual because the bathroom is on the roof, and there are lots of plants around the house.
Irregular Triangle Arseny Zhukevich, 8 years old
I was once making simple shapes out of paper. And I got the idea of making a house out of simple shapes. My house consists of a rectangle and a triangle. Well, it's a quadrilateral, basically. My house is made of wood, cement, and glass. The windows are glass, the first floor is cement, and the second floor is wood. My house is in the USA, in nature (the forest). My house has one bathroom, one kitchen, one bedroom, one dressing room, and two guest rooms. Two fl oors altogether. In my house there's a natural smell, various sounds, room temperature of 20°C and it's very bright, with calm sensations, and a calm color. Me and my wife could live in my house. A special feature of my house is that it consists of simple shapes.
Pokeball Yaroslav Vasiliev, 8 years old
I called my house “Pokeball,” because it is round as well. I like that it is round in shape. It stands still and does not move, because it has special supports. Though, exactly how it is supported is a secret. A maximum of three people and two animals can live in the house. It is located in Lithuania, in the forest near a river. It has two fl oors. It can stand for 200 years because it is made of wood. It's very eco-friendly. It has a fi replace. There are also solar panels. It has Wi-Fi. It has six rooms, and it is not expensive. It needs to be built because it has an unusual shape and its design hides a secret.
Balls Mikhail Eliseyev, 8 years old
The house is called “Balls” because it consists of several hemispheres. Half of each sphere is made of glass and the other half is made of wood. You can hear the sounds of nature in the house, and it is very spacious.
Tree House Sofi a Sorkina, 7 years old
I made this house for my family. My mom and pop and grandpa and grandma and my other grandma and me all live in it. The house is made of wood. The fl oor is wooden, the walls are wood and brick, there are glass windows, and the roof is made from green metal. It's shaped like that because I wanted my house to look like a tree and to be in the woods, in the Belovezhskaya Pushcha, a long way from the bustle of the town. My house has a kitchen, a bathroom, a loft, a recreation room, a bedroom for mom and pop, my room, and a hall. The walls are wooden, so it's easy to breathe. The atmosphere in the house is calm and warm. When I am in this house, I feel extra energy, freshness, calm, and love. I thought of a house like this because I think living in that sort of house would be comfortable and nice and good and fresh. The most unusual thing about this house is that it looks like a tree.
House Next to a Tree Valeria Pechenik, 6 years old
My house resembles a fl ower vase, since I love fl owers and how they smell. It is big and located in Minsk. A forest is located next to it. The house itself is made of wood. My house has two fl oors. On the fi rst fl oor there is a bedroom and reception room. On the second there are two hallways, two bedrooms, a toilet, and a swimming pool. The water is supplied there through underground pipes. The house is heated by the sun. The electricity lines are run underground. When you enter this house, you feel good and wonderful. It smells like the sea and honey. A cat, kitten, and my entire family live in the house. I love my family. This house should defi nitely be built for them. It is designed to house a large number of people, and it will solve the problem of overpopulation.
Calm, only calm. Natural Happiness House Kira Shumskaya, 9 years old
I am Kira Shumskaya and I love nature. That was my job (making things comfortable, like in nature), so I chose appropriate materials: wood and glass, so you can see everything all around, so it's really beautiful. I decided to have sensations of nature. I decided: if there are a lot of (pine) trees then you'll have the smell of pine resin, which is the smell of nature. Sounds: I'll use speakers and a computer to create the sound of water and birds singing, and the noise of trees (calming sounds). Color: bright, although a bright color can be irritating and stressful and annoying. But I love bright colors. I've done one room (the bedroom) differently: it needs to be calm, so I've made it dark and dim. My house is very simple actually, but it's got terraces and cubes and a multi-colored cylinder. The light depends on the sun. If it's night, there won't be any light. The water fl ows through pipes. It's a calm life.
RABBIT Taisia Lobkovich, 8 years old
I was in the meadow and I was given a task to build a house. I didn't know how to build it. But I really love animals. Two rabbits came up to me. And I decided to build a Two Rabbits House, because I liked those two rabbits. My friends helped me. First we made the legs, the tail, the arms, the face, and the ears. And now my house is fi nished, and I helped some more!!! It has seven fl oors, the legs are stone, the face is too, and the ears and paws are made of glass.
Pear Lyubov Kobrina, 9 years old
This house is for my family. I live in it with my mom, my pop, my two brothers, and our cat. Outside it is made of concrete and glass. Inside it is made of wood. It's set up in a very complicated way. It has wood and solar panels. It's in a park. It's really fun for us to be there, there's always a cheerful atmosphere. We feel joy because it's going to be a historic monument. It doesn't have any sharp corners.
The House of Many Small Windows Yan Metechko, 7 years old
My house is like a maze, because I want it so that only the owner is able to navigate it. Animals live there: a parrot, male cat, female cat, snake, dog, fi sh, and chameleon. And my parents Natasha and Sergey, and my brother Mark and I also live there. The house is large. It is located in the forest next to the sea. It is made of wood. There are lots of windows there. My house has six fl oors. There are several rooms: a bathroom, study, game room, reception room, and bedroom. Water is supplied to the house from a well. It's in the courtyard. The house is heated by fi replaces and solar panels. Electricity as usual. When you enter the house, you feel good. It smells like animals, and you can hear the animals. It really has to be built, because my loved ones will live there.
Magic House Antonina Shevnina, 6 years old
I want to build a triangle house. Like a cookie. Because my grandma makes the best cookies. She would live in my house with me, and my whole family. This house would be deep in the woods. I love nature. It's a simple house, one fl oor. Made of wood and glass. Indoors it would smell of wood and it would be nice, and you could hear a mouse squeaking. My house isn't like other houses because it has wavy windows.
Machine House Ignat Lunevich, 8 years old
The exterior of the house resembles a machine. The walls inside the house are white. The house is special in that it is positioned on a tree! The house stands in the middle of the forest. The smell of the forest is soothing and sets a festive mood. The house itself is made of wood and foliage. All my relatives will live in the house. This house must be built, because it will not let in water. It will last at least three centuries! The house will be able to withstand any blow, bomb explosion, grenades, tank shot, bazookas — such as in case of war.
The House on the Waterfall Martin Trusilo, 6 years old
My house resembles an arch because it is located above a waterfall. It is large so that it can accommodate a lot of people. It is up high in the mountains. Rock faces stand next to it. It is made of clay, boards, stone, and paper. The house has fi ve fl oors: One is underground, which is built into the rock face, and four are above ground. It has lots of rooms: a bedroom, game room, gym, working laboratory, kitchen, toilet, bathroom, bedroom, and pantry. Filters have been placed in the waterfall so that clean water gets into the house. The energy produced by the waterfall is used to generate heat and electricity for the house. When you enter the house, you feel yourself surrounded by silence. It smells like wax there. You can hear the sound of jazz music. It just must be built so that scientists and researchers can live there. It will stand for 90,000 years.
Colorful Pool House Varvara Bolenkova, 8 years old
You have never seen such a house before, but if you are curious about seeing it, then listen. It is rectangular and big. It looks like a mosaic so that it is visible. The forest surrounds it at a close distance, and there are mountains. The house is made of wood, glass, and metal. There is no need to use money. It has two fl oors. The fi rst fl oor has the pool, and the second fl oor has living rooms. Light enters the house as you would expect, and water fl ows into the pool from a waterfall. The house is made of metal, and it will stand for a long time. Mom, dad, and I will live in the house. It will be nice there. It's warm and full of light, and the walls are bright and beautiful! You can hear a waterfall nearby. You can hear the quiet murmuring of the pool inside. It is big, and its water is warm. The roof over it is closed only in winter. It is nice for relaxing there when you are on school vacation or a trip with your parents.
House in the Ocean Marta Kassikhina, 9 years old
Let me present my house. It is shaped like a triangle, and it is big so that it can house a lot of people. It is so big that it can be seen from far away. It resembles a fi r tree. I was inspired by the fi lm “Nim's Island”, so the house sits on the seashore next to a dormant volcano, but the volcano may wake up at any time. The house is made of wood and concrete, because it is at one with the trees. People can climb into it using the branches. This house has two fl oors and eight rooms: a kitchen, reception room, bathroom, toilet, hallway, and three bedrooms. The water is supplied from the ocean: it is delivered through pipes to the house, and it is purifi ed using a fi lter. The house is designed for six people. The house contains a slide that leads to the outside. The slide is attached to a swimming pool. The swimming pool can be towed a certain distance out to sea using a cable. It is not expensive: it will cost 200 dollars. And it will help people to escape from the volcano if it decides to wake up. The house attracts attention. It is made of durable materials. The atmosphere is cozy and warm inside. And there is lots of light. It smells like fresh pastries. You can hear birds sing and the sound of waves. You feel surprise and joy. Everything is very colorful. You can really relax there.
Wet Cat Filipp Shupilov, 7 years old
My house is called “Wet Cat.” It's round and looks like a hill. The house is small because two people and a cat live in it. The house looks like a stone, and that's on purpose: the image of the stone strikes fear into others! This house is located in the United States, specifi cally in the ocean. A sunken ship is located near the house. You can see my house from the beach, because a fl ag is fl ying over the water. The material of the house is stone, because it is intimidating. The “Wet Cat” has one fl oor and four rooms: a living room, bedroom, toilet, and kitchen. Water is supplied to the house from the ocean. There is a special fi lter for it. The lighting is natural, and the house is heated by radiators. We live in the house: me, grandma, and the cat Dusya. The atmosphere is slightly intimidating, although my grandma and I fi nd it cozy. The house smells damp, and you can hear the sounds of water and whales. The house has an unusual shape. Remember: It is stone, because a shark won't attack it. I would love to build this house, because I want to live underwater! It will stand there forever.
A Woodland Story about the Fruit House Ares Ferentsak, 9 years old
I was walking in the woods, and I got to thinking. I'll build a totally regular house. And I'll call it the Fruit House. It will be made out of cookies, bread, and bananas. It will be in a park. By the Architectural Thinking School. There will be three and two fl oors. It will be made out of iron, concrete, wood and boards. It's going to have an atmosphere inside. The smell of berries, funny sounds, the temperature will be 20°C. It's going to be a bright inside and it'll be yellow with forest sensations. My family will live there. Fruit House is going to be so great! There will be something for everybody to do.
Rainbow Hat Milana Starostina, 9 years old
My house is rainbow colored, and it is shaped like a hat. It is big. It looks like that because I wanted it to stand out from the surrounding woods. It is rectangular, which makes it convenient. It is located in Belarus, in the forest. Trees and shrubs are nearby, but there is also a fence and well. My house is made of wood and glass. A large family can live there. It has eight rooms: two bedrooms, a toilet, bathroom, living room, hallway, another bathroom, and a kitchen. It has three fl oors. People as well as lots and lots of pets can live in this house. Water is supplied there through pipes from a well in the yard. Lighting is provided by electricity. The radiators will be fi lled with warm and even hot water. It will be comfortable in my house, and it will smell like wood. You will be able to hear the murmuring of the forest, singing of birds, and rain from inside. My house will be joyful and very nice. It will differ from other houses by its shape and color. It will be very comfortable with high ceilings and smooth walls. My house will be painted with unusual paint: It cannot be washed off, and it will be applied unevenly, in splotches. This house must be built so that the people in it can observe nature all around.
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