systems thinking

Combine knowledge from different fields,
master systems thinking and present your ideas!
for 11-14 year olds
Annual program is divided into four quarters
(two semesters):
1st quarter: BASIC SKILLS
Students will receive knowledge from miscellaneous artistic disciplines such as sculpture, contemporary art, architecture, street art and photography. Students will develop basic skills in drawing, writing, paper modelling and storytelling. They will get acquainted with vernacular architecture, learn to draw a plan, façade and section and design houses according to climate and local materials.
2nd quarter: ARCHITECTURE
Students will study architectural structures and create their models with spaghetti, get acquainted with contemporary art and learn the secrets of an image, learn the hidden qualities of simple geometrical forms and create sculptures, study how a person perceives architecture and what architectural atmosphere is. Students will design projects and make models of their single-family houses, and write the description notes. A school exhibition will be organised to present the projects to the public.
our projects
3rd quarter: BOOK
Students will work on creating their own books. Students will write a story, create a comic, pop-up, cover, design the interior in which the action takes place, and even shoot a book trailer together with the group. In the end each will be given an electronic version of his book as a gift.
our books
4th quarter: CINEMA
Students will get acquainted with the art of cinematography and create their own film as a group. Students will write a script, design costumes and scenery for their film. They will get acquainted with stop-motion and shadow theater, create movie credits and a poster for the film. Real shootings will be organized where everyone can play his role as an actor, director, cameraman, etc. In the end there will be a public film screening.
our films
Tuition & Fees per Semester
We gladly propose generous discounts for the first semester in celebration of our first educational year in Lisbon
1st semester consists of 13 workshops, 3 hours each
(17th of September - 11th of December 2022)
2 students from one family
(fee per person)
Lisbon, Campo de Santa Clara, 142–145. Trienal de Arquitectura de Lisboa.
+351 935 597356
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